TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

When the outdoor temperatures plummet, humidity and moisture in your home’s interior can quickly drop from pleasant to parched. Replacing moisture using the TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier can help relieve an array of physical discomforts, from allergy irritations to chapped skin to flu and cold-related symptoms. But you need to be careful, because excessive moisture is not good either: over-humidification could promote the growth of dust mites, bacteria, and mold. You need to get the balance right when it comes to humidification, and with numerous humidifiers on the market it can get confusing to choose the right device in order to control the humidity in your house. In this article, we’ll help you make a sound decision by providing a detailed review of the TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.
TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier


The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier boasts a pleasantly impressive design in blue and white which elevates it above most cool mist humidifiers on the market that barely focus on functionality. This humidifier is compact and lightweight and ideal for the kid’s room. Measuring only 8.1 by 5.3 by 11.8 inches and weighing 3.2 pounds, this humidifier is the epitome of portability.

Also, this cool mist humidifier comes installed with a microporous cartridge capable of filtering your water extremely well and eliminating any micro-organisms that could be present along with the harmful calcium and magnesium ions. The end result is a fine and healthier mist that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. This is a humidifier ideal for children because it caters specifically for the needs of parents who are looking to achieve a healthy environment for their kids.

Customized Humidity Control

The last thing you want with a humidifier is to not be able to control the level of your home’s humidity. With the TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, the humidity level in your house can be easily controlled and tailored to your desired environment. With low, middle, and high settings, this humidifier lets you control the mist amount in your home. Better yet, you can use the 360 -degree nozzle to have this mist coming out in any directions you desire.


This humidifier from TaoTronics has a 1.1 gallon capacity that is big enough to sustain it in full operation for more than 15 hours. This 1.1 gallon / 4 liter water capacity gives you more than half a day of adjustable humidification and purified air that will also last through the night.

Extra Features

Buying this humidifier from Taotronics also means that you will get to enjoy some extra features. To begin with, you will have a timer which allows you to set how long the humidifier will run so that you don’t get uncomfortable during the night. This humidifier also comes with an LED display that displays information about the current humidity level as well as the operating mode.

The Benefits

• This humidifier is super quiet

• Easy to refill

• Setup instructions are clear and concise

• Lightweight

• The large capacity will last 2 – 3 days when on low mist operation

• Different operation modes offer better control

Best Place to Buy

Once you’ve settled on the humidifier model to purchase, the question arises on where to get it. Although you may find it in big box stores, we recommend checking Amazon first. At Amazon, you can read the reviews of actual customers, and get more specifications on the product.