PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

There are many elements that contribute to feeling comfortable in any room you are in, chief among them the humidity levels of the ambient air. When the ambient air is dry, you can expect to experience some discomfort when breathing. Additionally, you can be certain of suffering from skin dryness as the dry air tends to absorb a lot of the moisture from your skin.

PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

Luckily, with humidifiers, you can bid goodbye to such irritant conditions. Humidifiers release moisture slowly into the air, thereby increasing the humidity levels in the ambient air. This improves the living conditions experienced while in the room of interest. However, to accrue the benefits of the humidification, it is of crucial importance that you use the best humidifiers on the market, such as the PureGuardian ultrasonic humidifier. Herein, we are going to explore this humidifier in detail to help you understand why it is among the most popular humidifiers on the market.

Main Features Of The Product

To stand a cut above the rest of the humidifiers on the market, the PureGuardian is featured-filled to make the user-experience the very best. Some of the notable features this humidifier has are:

– Easy To Fill Gallon Tank – The PureGuardian has a one-gallon tank that which is more than ample amount of water to humidify a mid-sized room. As such, you do not need to keep adding water to the humidifier every hour or so.

– 70-Hour Run Time – The PureGuard comes with a 70-hour timer that you can program and forget. As such, you need not keep at the controls every now and again controlling this humidifier. With the timer, you can humidify our house automatically.

– Spectacular Usability – PureGuardian uses ultrasonic technology that creates mist and disperses it all the while being extremely quiet and improving its usability even at night. Additionally, it has easy to master controls, a low-water light indicator, and a soothing blue night light which gives it stunning usability.

– Silver Clean Protection Technology – A common problem that many humidifiers face is the formation of slimy mold and mildew on the walls of the tanks. This can be a hazard to the users negating the benefits that humidifier have. PureGuardian has Silver Clean Protection technology which protects the inner wall against such organisms, thus enhancing safety.

Main Benefits Of The Product

#1. Improved Health – The number one benefit of using the PureGuardian humidifier in your home is the health benefits that humidified air has. Humidified air reduces the risk of infections, and makes your skin soft and vibrant. Consider this, a 2013 research showed that an increase in humidity to 43% and above reduce the risk of infection by airborne viruses a low 14%.

#2. Makes Breathing Considerably More Comfortable – Dry air tends to irritate your sinuses, resulting in incredible discomfort. Humidifying your air negates this phenomenon.

#3. Protects Your Furniture – Dry air can cause wooden furniture to crack and or split, slowly destroying the wooden furniture.

Additionally, the PureGuardian is designed to perform better, hence its users can expect better user experience.

Best Place To Buy The Product

Just like the vast majority of electronics for home comfort, the best place to purchase the PureGuardian Ultrasonic humidifier is Amazon. With Amazon, you have the potential to get the best deal on the internet. Other places you can make the purchase is Best Buy, Lowes, and WalMart.